Start-up companies meets health economic students

Monday the 13th of March Oslo Medtech and Aleap arranged a special event at Medical Growth House.

Monday the 13th of March Oslo Medtech and Aleap arranged a special event at Oslo Science Park for start-up companies and students majoring in health economic from UiO. This event allowed students to meet with twelve companies in Medical Growth House and discuss relevant cases presented by the companies themselves as well as talk about internship possibilities.

The companies were asked in advance to prepare the cases they wanted the students to solve. A couple of weeks before the event took place the cases were handed out to the students. This way the students had a chance to get to know the companies and their challenges. Topics such as financial analysis, pricing and other incentives, cost impact budget analysis and cost-benefit analysis were relevant issues the companies presented to the students.

The event started with a short pitch-session. Each company was given three minutes each to present themselves and the selected cases intended for the students. Companies who participated in this event was Cardiaccs, Capgemeni, CondAlign, Depict, EpiGuard, Laysecure, GlucoSet, HumanPotential, Medistim, Picterus, Prediktor Medical and Tieto.

After the pitch-sessions, each company was placed into designated areas to talk directly with the students about a potential collaboration, over a slice of pizza and a glass of Solo.

Oslo Medtech and Aleap are very excited about having 45 enthusiastic health economic students visiting our locations in Medical Growth House in Oslo Science Park to get to know our members and the possibilities that lies within science, technology and entrepreneurship. We thank UiO for great collaboration and look forward to more exciting events in the future.


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