Nordic Network of Test Beds Creating an efficient gateway to testbeds in the Nordics

We will create a network of professional and efficient test beds that can actively contribute to business development in the Nordic healthcare sector.

Project leader: Bent-Håkon Lauritzen, Oslo Medtech


  • Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset, Utveckling och Innovation, Innovationsplatsen
  • SLL Innovation, Danderyd Hospital
  • The Capital Region of Denmark, Centre for Regional Development, Department for Research and Innovation
  • Nordic Medtest (NMT) County Council of Värmland
  • Helsinki University Hospital
  • Intervention Center, Oslo University Hospital
  • Sunnaas Hospital
  • Innovation Centre Iceland
  • Oslo Medtech

The objective of the project is to harmonize clinical and administrative standards and operations, and together develop a professional service for testing of new and innovative healthcare products in the Nordic.  With a “one point of contact” for all the test beds we also aim to match the companies with the testing facility that best fit their need.


  • Increase the number of companies utilizing test beds
  • A reduction in the processing time and cost of each client utilizing the services
  • Promote Nordic test beds regionally and internationally


  • Develop infrastructure for collaboration
  • Secure a sustainable business model
  • Establish common clinical and administrative procedures
  • Branding, marketing and dissemination

Project website:

MilestoneProject ending October 2017

Funding partner: Nordic Innovation

Contact info: Bent-Håkon Lauritzen

E- mail:, Mobile: 0047 91844164.


By Morten Rønseth