Nordic Connected Health – Star Track

Nordic Connected Health Star Track is a project aiming to accelerate the success and international scaling of Nordic startups to claim one percent of the potential global market, and create at least ten thousand new jobs.

We support entrepreneurs, innovators, and small and medium sized companies. By gathering them, together with large companies that also want to seize upon the business opportunities in this field, around the common interest of mobile health they can benefit from each other’s expertise and innovation, in order to create and develop new business.

Project partners:

Project Leader: Innovation Skåne


Main part:

We offer:

  • Community meetings focusing on interaction between peers, and most often engaging industry, health care providers and experts on topics of interest.
  • Direct interaction with key representatives of the mobile industry, life science and medtech industries, public as well as private health care providers and consumers.
  • Strategic guidance by regulatory, interoperability and integrity/ privacy experts, navigating in the rapidly developing space in between consumer electronics and traditional pharma/medtech.
  • Business advice and network for growth and internationalization.
  • Direct interaction with investors.
  • Exhibiting on international events, such as The Health 2.0 Conference in Silicon Valley. It is key for Nordic startups to reach international customers, distributors and investors, which is why we also cooperate with Nordic Innovation House in Palo Alto, Wireless Life Sciences Alliance in San Diego, and a growing number of partners in our networks in USA, UK, Canada, Portugal, India etc.

Milestone plan: The project has currently funding to the end of 2016, but we are working to extend the collaboration project through different funding sources.

Funding partner(s): Nordic Innovation and Vinnova

Contact info: Odd Arild Lehne

E-mail:, mobile: +47 95833144

By Ane Solesvik Oppedal