Go Global – program Oslo Medtech as global gateway

Oslo Medtech is aiming to accelerate the international success and scaling of Norwegian Medtech industry and to grow the Medtech workforce in Norway. We support our member organizations in the international market through networks we build in prioritized markets.

Project partners:

The Going Global is a program that constitutes a number of projects with different partners depending on the scope and the market segments.

Main part:

We offer:

  • Community meetings focusing on interaction between peers, and most often engaging industry, health care providers and experts on topics of interest.
  • Strong peer to peer networks to health care clusters in prioritized markets
  • Strategic guidance by regulatory, interoperability and integrity/ privacy experts, navigating in the rapidly developing space in between consumer electronics and traditional pharma/medtech.
  • Business advice and network for growth and internationalization.
  • Direct interaction with investors.
  • Exhibiting on international events
  • …..and more

Milestone plan: Milestones will be described in each project

Funding partner(s): Innovation Norway – Cluster Program

Contact info: Odd Arild Lehne

E-mail: oal@nulloslomedtech.no, mobile: +47 95833144

By Thomas Bergstøl