Launching of APPETITUS- the app for keeping track of nutrition for the elderly

Anne Moen and her team launched the results from the research project on monitoring nutrition for elderly people.

March 22 Anne Moen and her team launched the results from the research project APPlikasjon om Ernæring – TIlTak for helse og Trivsel, called APPETITT among friends and launched the app APPETITUS in Oslo Science Park a project focusing on following up on nutrition for elderly people.  The APPETITUS App has been under development since 2010 and it is finally ready for downloading – and it is free.

Malnutrition is unfortunately a common term among elderly in many care homes and hospitals today. Anne Moen, professor and leader of UiO:eColab, has taken this problem seriously and came up with a smart solution to follow up on patient’s food ingestion without writing down complicated logs and journals.

The APPETITUS app is simply constructed to help keeping track of the food intake based on the data registered by the patient or user. The app is packed with delicate pictures of food, to both inspire and increase the appetite among the elderly and users in care institutions. This is in other words a tool for every user or patient to get inspired by browsing in food suggestions, as well as keeping count of vitamins, proteins, water intake, etc. and give the hospital staff an indicator of the person’s total nutrient intake.

The launch of APPETITUS was introduced by Anne Moen herself and Bent-Håkon Lauritzen from Oslo Medtech, followed by a brief presentation of the app’s functionality by Kristin Skeide Fuglerud, chief scientist in the Norwegian Computing Centre. The session continued with sharing of experiences of the pilot project presented by Caroline Farsjø, PhD candidate at UiO and Kristin Jeppestøl, quality coordinator at Tvedestrand municipality. Kristin explained how the inhabitants at the care home in Tvedestrand experienced the app and expressed positivity towards motivating elderly people to use iPads and tablets to learn and keep track of their food intake. This app seems to have been quite a conversation topic among the elderly, so it is obvious that it made an impression.


6The event went on with an interview of two residents of Furuset senior centre. In this interview, we got to listen to their own experiences after using the app themselves – they expressed both interest and enjoyment towards the APPETITUS App. This interview was a natural introduction to the next topic on the agenda, the possibilities that lies within development of measuring nutrition intake in our community, by Anni Onsager fom Helsetelefonen, and the importance of learning and master electronic equipment by Randi Klemetsen, Drammen municipality.

Referring to enthusiastic discussions among the participants and speakers, APPETITUS App seems to have caught the attention when it comes to fighting malnutrition among the elderly and people in general with needs of following-up on food intake and nutrition.

Oslo Medtech is happy to see such enthusiasm and good attendance at the launch of the APPETITUS App. We are applauding Anne Moen for her good work together with her excellent team and we look forward to follow the next steps of the APPETITUS project.


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