HealthTech Nordic – Generating 700 New Jobs in HealthTech

Oslo Medtech has together with Nordic partners been awarded an EU funded project of SEK 50 million to help Nordic start-

Oslo Medtech has together with Nordic partners been awarded an EU funded project of SEK 50 million to help Nordic start-ups to generate 700 new jobs in the region within HealthTech. The employment project has been entitled HealthTech Nordic.

The HealthTech Nordic project is a further development of the Nordic co-operation Nordic Connected Health Star Track. The new project is partially financed by Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak (ØKS), European Regional Development Fund. The EU accounts for half of the project funds, and the other half comes from the partners’ financiers. The project partners are Innovation Skåne, Oslo Medtech, Cobis in Copenhagen and Sahlgrenska Science Park in Gothenburg, Smile Incubator in Lund and Invest in Skåne.

The Innovation Director at Innovation Skåne and Director of HealthTech Nordic, Marianne Larsson explains to the Swedish newspaper 8till5 that she is thrilled and honored to lead this project.

The project is now up and running and have already teamed up with two large conferences, Health 2.0 Fall Conference in Santa Clara (October 1st) and Vitalis in Gothenburg (April 25th-27th). Both conferences enjoy the benefit of good support in the global business community. Health 2.0 aims to promote and catalyse new technologies in healthcare through conferences, code-a-thons and prize challenges. This is a good place to be for ambitious start-up companies, since the goals for this conference is to represent the leading market intelligence on new health technology companies. Nordic Health start-ups interested in the healthtech market in the US, are now in a dialogue with Nordic Innovation House, preparing for market entry and Silicon Valley.

The HealthTech Nordic project has been present at Vitalis this week – a meeting place for companies interested in e-health. This event contains both a conference and a trade fair, where people can connect and see the latest innovations within e-health.

The 700 jobs the HealthTech Nordic project aim to generate has until 2019, which is the end year of the project. At least 100 companies within healthtech are expected to reap the benefits of the initiative, of which 20 fast-growing companies are expected to achieve international success with the help of the set-up.

“We hope the project will continue to live after 2019. The dream is an e-health industry with at least 10 000 new jobs in 2021-2022. The most important thing is that we maintain a pace that secures our competitive ability at an international level. At this moment, we are forefront.”

Oslo Medtech is proud of being a contributor to this project and look forward to see the results of the Health Tech Nordic initiatives.