Nyheter fra Oslo Medtech

Thula is nominated for the European Business Award

The Icelandic healthcare consulting firm and also Oslo Medtech member, Thula has been nominated as National Champion in

Innovation Norway ensured NOK 1,2 billion for financing Norwegian start-ups

January 23rd was a historical day for Norwegian start-up companies, when Innovation Norway signed two contracts with the

EpiGuard won the DNB Healthcare Prize

The DNB Healthcare Conference commenced on Dec 15th where 18 exciting companies presented their technology. The Healthca


Nordic Network of Test Beds

Creating an efficient gateway to testbeds in the Nordics

Medical Growth House

Join the community for health innovation


Forskningsrådets konferanse om kunnskapsgrunnlaget for forsknings- og innovasjonspolitikken

Befolkningsvekst og aldring, urbanisering, globalisering og økende press på naturressursene former fremtiden.


Mobilisering for finansiering av FoU og Innovasjonsprosjekter innenfor velferdsteknologi, ehelse og medtech

The reliability of IoT solutions in the health care sector

Oslo Medtech and partners invite to a workshop focusing on testing and scaling of smart and embedded systems (Internet o