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Oslo Medtech

Generating innovation. For better living and health.

What is Oslo Medtech?

Oslo Medtech is a Norwegian Medtech cluster of companies, hospitals, finance-, knowledge and research institutions focusing on medical technology. Oslo Medtech generates innovation and facilitates development of medtech products and services.

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Oslo Medtech News

Janne Olsen Frenvik wanted to take her pharmaceutical Ph.D. in a pharmaceutical company. Thus, the Industrial Ph.D. program was a natural choice, which gave her the opportunity to work with cutting-edge research in cancer medicine in the pharmaceutical company Algeta. The Research Council has funding for 35 new projects in 2014.

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Our members

Our members provide a wide range of health related technology products and services. Oslo's large university hospitals OUS and Ahus are also an important part of our cluster.

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Our objectives

The ambition of Oslo Medtech is to contribute to the development of an internationally competitive medtech industry in Norway.

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